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WMA Open Photo Contest Exhibition – Opportunity!

WMA Open Photo Contest Exhibition - Opportunity!   Exhibition Period 5.7 - 4.8.2019, 12nn - 7pm (Closed on Monday) Venue  WMA Space 8/F Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 23-29 Wing Wo Street, Central Opportunity brings forth hope. Under the theme ‘Opportunity’, the ten award winners and finalists, including Melanie Catamin, Cheung Hoi Chung, Fong Hin Nam, Leung Kin Keung, Lo Yan Chi, Jerry Ng Sek Hin, Rex Wong Chak Hon, Wong Ka Wing, Kenji Wong Wai Kin and Yiu Tung Wing, share their thoughts and feelings about opportunities in Hong Kong through the perspectives they are interested in and concerned about, using their own visual languages and by means of photography. This exhibition showcases a collection of works that reveal the by-products of urban development, such as rapid and excessive expansion and overcrowding, as well as the resulting complicated societal and family issues. At a time when Hong Kong faces a myriad of challenges and instability, the featured photographs are sure to inspire reflection and resonate with viewers.
About WMA Open WMA is a series of programmes developed to spark discussions of social issues of great importance to Hong Kong through visual images, with a view to fostering positive change. Each year, a theme is chosen for the programmes.  Themes explored included “Poverty”, “Air”, “Waste”, “Identity”, “Mobility”, “Transition”, and “Opportunity”. Among the WMA programmes, WMA Open is a photo contest which welcomes every member of the public to submit themed images and engage in discussions over them. WMA Open was also initiated to serve as a public platform for discussion and a springboard for social transformation. To continue the conversations sparked by photo submissions, WMA maintains a gallery of photo entries that are accessible for educational and non-commercial uses under Creative Commons licenses (open.wma.hk/gallery/). The submissions also document the photographic history of contemporary Hong Kong.