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WMA Open Photo Contest “Waste” Results Announcement


“My home” by Edwin Or has won the WMA Open Photo Contest 2014 after over a month of public voting and jury selection. “Children’s future” by Cheung Sze came in as the first runner-up and “One & Two” by Lai Yat Nam came in as the second runner-up.

Alfred Ko, the Chairman of Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association along with the organizers picked out the 28 finalists, and the public were invited to vote online for their winning photo. “The cat’s icy stare, the child facing the polluted world and the elderly scavengers, the winning photos are revealing a very pressing issue that the world is facing.” said Alfred Ko. “Human being’s greed leads to over-consumption and serious pollution on earth. We need to reflect on and evaluate what our role is, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable!”


Edwin Or

Title: My home


Your waste becomes my home.

First Runner-up

Cheung Sze

Title: Children’s future


If we do not face the issue of “waste”, our next generation may live in a “waste” environment.


Second Runner-up

Lai Yat Nam

Title: One & Two

Description: -


The WMA Open Photo Contest aims to engage the public at large on issues connected to the topic of WASTE by inviting them to submit photographs and to discuss the subject. To extend this dialogue, the WMA Open Photo Contest maintains a photo library of images, governed by Creative Commons licenses for educational and non-commercial uses eg. lectures and non-commercial projects, with appropriate attribution, as well as serving as a photographic history of contemporary Hong Kong.

The winner and first and second runners up will receive a $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 cash prize respectively. The next WMA Open Photo Contest HK will be launched in mid 2015.