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The WMA Open Photo Contest 2014 calls for images on the overwhelming issue of WASTE.

Effective and efficient waste management has become an important environmental justice issue. There is a growing market in the trans-boundary movement of hazardous waste from developed to developing countries, a result of the 'not in my backyard' attitude. Here in Hong Kong over 6 million tonnes of municipal waste is disposed of each year - a 20% increase over the past 10 years. This increase has occurred much faster than anyone expected, placing Hong Kong's landfills under enormous pressure. Its three landfills are expected to be full by the end of this decade, making it clear that Hong Kong needs a more sustainable waste management policy.

The WMA Open Photo Contest invites image makers to submit their images and discuss the subject in real time. Images must relate to the theme and be either photographed in or relate to Hong Kong.

A selection of 10 - 15 photos will be posted in early August and would be open for public vote.

To extend this dialogue, the WMA Open Photo Contest will maintain a photo library of images governed by Creative Commons licenses for educational uses eg. lectures and non-commercial projects, with appropriate attribution, as well as serving as a photographic history of contemporary Hong Kong. The winner of the Open Contest will receive HKD$20,000 as a prize.

To enter the contest, participants can visit: http://photocontest.hk and register with one’s Facebook account. Each participant can upload a maximum of 10 photos. The organizers of the Contest would pick out the finalists and the winners will be arrived at through a scoring via public vote and WMA Open Photo Contest’s guest judge.

Deadline for submission – July 15, 2014