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WMA Open Photo Contest 2013 Announces Winners of AIR


Our ‘Owned' by Eddie Kwong has won the WMA Open Photo Contest 2013 after a month of online public voting.

31 finalists were initially selected by a panel of esteemed judges including: Mr. Fung Ho Yin, Assistant Professor School of Design Hong Kong Polytechnic University Mr. Peter Lau, Managing Director Asia One Communications Group, Founder Asia One Communications Mr. Leong Ka Tai, Chairman Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association Mr. Alex Ng, Chief Editor Photo Magazine Ms. Kwong Sum Yin, CEO Clean Air Network

“Mother Knows Best” by Phey Palma came in as the first runner-up and “爭氣” by James Ho came in as the second runner up.

WMA Open Photo Contest (which serves as the first program of the WYNG Media Initiative) aims to engage the public at large on issues connected to the topic of air by inviting them to submit photographs and to discuss the subject in real time. “Air pollution is an invisible killer, and therefore, communicating the degree of threat it poses is not easy.” said Kwong Sum Yin, CEO Clean Air Network and one of the judges. “For this contest, participants had to use their creativity in order to represent the harm that air pollution causes. For instance, they may have shown monsters made of pollutants, people inhaling directly from tailpipes or wearing face masks as they go about their daily lives – often times, people are shocked to learn how insidious and ubiquitous air pollution actually is! I hope that after seeing these photos, more members of the public will become concerned about the issue and will join us in urging the Government to improve Hong Kong’s air quality and eliminate air pollution, the greatest threat to public health.”

The winner and first and second runners up will receive a $20,000, $10,000 and $5000 cash prize respectively. The next WMA Open Photo Contest HK will be launched in mid 2014.

Champion: Eddie Kwong Title: Our 'Owned' Description: Don't destroy our 'owned'


First Runner-up: Phey Palma Title: Mother Knows Best Description: Bringing Awareness to my kids thus made him wear mask..letting him know what is Air Pollution.


Second Runner-up: James Ho Title: 爭氣 Description: 香港地人車爭路,碳排放已到達不能控制的水平,長此下去,我們呼吸的只有氣車排出的廢氣,香港人爭一口氣吧!!為我們的未來著想一下。